We are located right next to Dr. Bracken's Arcadia Animal Clinic. The address is 3935 E MEADOWBROOK AVE, STE 2, PHOENIX AZ 85018.

This location offers a variety of classes and services:

  • Pet owner education classes including:
    • Attending to Your Dog's Social Needs - safely guiding your dog's experiences at dog parks, day cares, play groups 
    • Understanding the Mysterious Language of Dogs - an in-depth look at how to read dogs in all situations
  • Classes for rescue groups and animal shelters
  • Basic Life-Skills Training (Basic Obedience Training) - includes all the basics to get your dog started with training including sit, stay, down, come, leash control & handling, leave it, and eye contact. This 6-week class uses our innovative Choice Training method to teach your dog all obedience basics! Space is extremely limited. See our calendar of classes tab for specific dates. The fee is $225. Please click HERE to email us for information and registration.
  • Basic II - High Level Practice from Basic Training - This 4-week class will be a review and repetitive practice of behaviors learned in the Basic Life-Skills Training class. Basic II provides exercises and fun activities to work on training muscle memory. The fee is $175. Please click HERE to email us for information and registration.
  • Zoom Express Obedience Training - Calling all dog parents who are interested in obedience training but looking for easier way to work with a professional trainer? Why not consider these “bite” size classes with our Zoom Express Obedience Training? This 30 minute personalized Zoom session will work on basic obedience or improving commands your dog already knows. Each obedience session will include homework to practice as well as video demonstrations of many behaviors. We can also cover advice on how basic household behaviors such as jumping up to greet, counter surfing, dumpster diving, and crate training.
    • Two options:
      1. Obedience Training Sessions ($45 each session). You and your dog will receive training for the following commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Eye Contact, and Touch.  
      2. Cafeteria Style ($45 each session) - Only take what you need. If your dog needs a little help with only certain commands, you can pick and choose as you need.

          Contact us at 480-200-2011 or click HERE for information and scheduling.

  • Relationship Training - Creating a Lifelong Connection with Your Dog - This 6-week class teaches you how to use the skill sets you have already taught your dog and how to weave obedience into everyday life activities to engage your dog. These life activities will involve attention splitting exercises. This means even when you are thinking through what you are doing next in your routine, your dog needs to stay involved with you. Dogs should have these basic skills prior to enrolling in this class: sit, down, wait or stay, walk with you, attention or eye contact. People should have these basic skills prior to enrolling in this class: ability to laugh at oneself, not too shy to engage in front of the class, and to loosen up and have a good time! The fee is $250. Please click HERE to email us for information and registration.
  • EduCare Activities Class - Too hot or too busy to exercise and train your dog? How about exercising your dog's brain with an activities class filled with lessons from our "EduCare for Dogs" program? Join us with your dog for this 5-week class to learn all about shaping with a goal, free shaping, body awareness, discrimination exercises, and body handling acclimation. These are fun activities and lessons for both you and your dog! If you enjoy training and working with your dog, you'll love this class. Join us for some brain and body games.And many more classes coming soon!