Are you adding a baby to your family? Let us help you to prepare!

Do you know how your dog does with children? Is he afraid, anxious, excited by movement, or jealous? Does he guard his toys/food, play too roughly, jump up on and get in your lap or on the furniture? These are all things that could become problematic when a new child comes home.

You should consider a BABY PREPARATION session before the baby comes home!

* We can help you prepare for any routine and rule changes that will happen once the child comes home.

* We can help you to gain insight into your dog’s behavior with children ahead of time with simulated baby and situation assessments.

* We can guide you through simulated baby acclimation and training and help you anticipate issues as your child goes through rapid developmental changes.

BABY PREPARATION training is invaluable for new families-to-be! If you have not personally seen your dog around children of all ages or if you want extra help preparing for this change in your life, please give us a call to set up a BABY PREPARATION session.