EduCare to Go!™ provides life skills training along with mental and physical activities that comes to your house! We'll bring a trunk full of activities and puzzles that can be customized ​to any dog's personality and training level. These activities are skill-building exercises, which is very different from traditional obedience training. It is an evolving set of challenges designed to strengthen and hone a different set of skills including impulse control, conflict resolution, problem solving, focus, freethinking, confidence, self-awareness, negotiation skills, and overall manners. It is so fun to watch the evolution of the dog's learning! This program is not intended to resolve specific behavior problems. It focuses on building skills that can be used to resolve problems! It is a perfect enhancement to our private behavior and training programs!

This program is by reservation only and there is currently a waiting list. 

                         Dog Day School / Day Care

EduCare for DogsTM - Innovative Life-Skills Training for Dogs!

  • Dogs that are bored, under-stimulated, or need a job to do will be faced with fun challenges.

  • Dogs with super-energy and dogs that are excitable can learn to focus and concentrate.

  • Older dogs and special needs dogs will benefit from mental enrichment and gentle physical stimulation.

  • This is perfect for puppies that need to limit their exposure to the outside world but need to develop mental and physical skills.

  • Timid dogs that would be overwhelmed in a group setting will build confidence.

  • Parents who work long hours leaving bored dogs home by themselves will have peace of mind.

  • Families going out of town can rest assured knowing their dogs are receiving expert care, companionship, and challenging activities to keep them happily occupied.

In 2010, Pet Behavior Solutions developed an innovative program called EduCare for Dogs™. This program combines fun and effective training, guided socialization, and safe, educational group play.

Dog owners recognize and appreciate the needs of their dogs. As owners have gotten busier, dog daycares have increased in popularity. Daycares can provide wonderful enrichment in a dog's life, but if not expertly run, can also result in several problems.  When dogs are left to play wildly all day without proper supervision and expert intervention it can result in stressed, over-stimulated dogs, dogs with poor impulse control, and dogs who forget their "house manners."​ Oftentimes these daycares ​have a large​ number of dogs in a relatively small environment.  Good dogs can have terrible experiences and shy dogs can develop aggressive behaviors in an overwhelming, chaotic environment. EduCare for Dogs™ addresses all of these issues!​

EduCare for Dogs™ was created by two dog behavior experts. Dogs in our program experience the freedom to explore and play, but are required to have manners and interact with other dogs politely. Dogs are guided toward appropriate behavior and interactions 100% of the time. Each dog has a different temperament and play style and we successfully accommodate each dog's individual needs. We have activities that encourage and stimulate dogs mentally as well as physically and encourage group behavior instead of competition. Our EduCare program features our innovative Life Skills Training activities designed to strengthen and hone skills including impulse control, conflict resolution, problem solving, focus and concentration, freethinking, confidence, self-awareness, negotiation skills, and overall manners. Transportation within 10 miles of our Scottsdale location is included in the price! Space is extremely limited and is by reservation only.

EduCare to Go!™ In-Home Life Skills Training! 

Continuing to offer solutions to pets throughout the Valley, Pet Behavior Solutions is excited to announce our newest program: EduCare to Go!™  We've taken EduCare for Dogs™ on the road! This program provides in-home activities personalized to accommodate any pets' needs.  

Who will benefit from EduCare to Go!™?