Animal Shelter Services

If you are a shelter or a rescue organization, we offer a variety of classes for your staff. We also offer training classes and treatment protocols for cats. Classes include: All About Cats, Cat Body Language and Behavior, Cat Development, Age Appropriate Activities for Kittens, Fostering Kittens, and so much more!

Yes, there is help for cat behavior problems! Unfortunately many people believe cats are so independant that they cannot be trained and their behavior cannot be changed. This is simply not true! Services are specifically tailored to your needs, goals, and individual situation.  We can help with virtually any behavior and training issue with your cat.

Cat Behavior and Training Services:

In-Home Behavior Modification

We offer in-home sessions to help you with virtually any behavior problem you may be having with your cat(s) including:​

Cat Behavior and Training Services

  • Not using the litter box

  • Spraying
  • Scratching or chewing
  • Integrating a new cat with an existing cat
  • Integrating a cat with a dog
  • Fighting cats
  • Shy cats
  • Aggressive play with people
  • And so much more!

Phone Consultation

We offer phone consultation services nationwide.  This is a fast, convenient, and economical way to get the expert help you need.  We can help you with many issues including: cat behavior problems, training questions, destructive behaviors, spraying, litter box problems, advice for selecting a new cat or kitten, advice for a new cat owners, help integrating a new cat into your household, and much more!